Grab your Blackbox and Bsetroot man pages!

These are the blackbox and bsetroot man pages. Created Tue Jun 13 15:58:30 CEST 2000.


Please note: This is the manual page as it comes with the 0.61.1 distribution of Blackbox, with lots of minor improvements and corrections, many of which were contributed by David Lawrence Ramsey.

For the official Blackbox home, see For the current development versions, see Note that the development versions also carry a newer manual page.

Dutch translations

View these pages with less file.1.gz or man -l file.1.gz. Print them with man -Tps -l file.1.gz | lpr Or install them in /usr/local/man/man1/. Dutch version: Strip off the nl- prefix and install in /usr/local/man/nl/man1/. Enjoy!


I created also a couple of nice styles: you may download them here.
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