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This is my MSX page. From 1986 to 1989 I hacked a lot MSX, learned Z80 assembly, and wrote WBASS2. This lightweight integrated editor, monitor and assembler became quite popular. Unfortunately my MSX died completely, and I had to recover the old disks containing WBASS2 source, and WB-ASS (my older assembler I used to write WBASS2).

The WBASS2 Z80 Assembler

(wbass2-titlescreen.png) The WBASS2 splash screen
(wbass2-workscreen.png) WBASS2 just started

So here it is! The original Dutch WBASS2 manual, converted from the original Tasword II files to latin1 and concatenated into a single file.

Here is WBASS2 itself, as originally distributed (I completely lost track of the original vendor), in a Zip file or a Tar ball. A slightly different distribution (without the MSX2 title screen) can be found on in the directory /pub/msx/programming/asm.

And, to make this the Real Home of WBASS2, the assembly source code is available for review. I had to run WB-ASS (the older one) in the fMSX emulator to convert the tokenized source files to ascii listings! Please do not change these files or republish them on other sites. Just download them or link to them. But, you are allowed to use the code in GPL'ed software (visit to find out more about the General Public License (GPL)), provided that you make clear which code you used and which changes you made.

Here they are:

These files were assembled using WB-ASS (which in turn was assembled using a home-made assembler written in BASIC). A beautiful thing about WB-ASS was, that it used the Memory Mapper for its editor buffer, so you could edit files up to 100K! The global labels from the first file (which could be saved automagically) were hand-included in the second one. Automation, eh? :-)


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